Monday, May 19, 2008

Entrecard released their first Official Entrecard E-Book and added New Service features

ENTRECARD has done some updating in their traffic exchange services and they also released their first official Entrecard E-Book.

They announced some new features and improvements in their services. As i check this new Entrecard features, account users can now add more than one blog to an account and the good thing is user can now easily switch from one blog to another.

With this new Linked Blog(Add new blog) features I signed-up this site "" to my existing account and their right, the blog switch features is easy to use.

You can now also download their first official Entrecard E-Book. It is an “How To" guide e-book teaching newbies and existing members the great features offered by Entrecard.

This are the other added features:

  • New Homepage
  • New Campaign Page Tabs
  • Top Dropper RSS Feeds
  • They added dates on the Drops Inbox category

For more information about their new features visit Entrecard Blog site.

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