Saturday, July 31, 2010

ASUS AP-N13M 3G Pocket Wireless Router

ASUS had done it again. A cool new innovation that techies will surely find very useful, the ASUS AP-N13M 3G Pocket Wireless Router. Yes, it is a wireless router which is smaller than a whiteboard marker and fits in your pocket.

The ASUS AP-N13M 3G Pocket Wireless Router is capable of redistributing 3G signal from providers such as Globe, Smart and Sun across other Wi-Fi enable computers. This is ideal when you are always on the go or you are playing games with your friends and you want to be creative and play whenever you feel like.

ASUS never fails to amaze with their innovations and product designs. Do check out ASUS AP-N13M 3G Pocket Wireless Router at your nearest ASUS store or ASUS reseller.

Endnote: Thanks to the blog owner for inviting me to guest post in this blog! I love to add content to other blogs as well so this one is awesome opportunity.

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