Monday, May 19, 2008

BlogUpp! traffic exchange services

As I build up this new blog, I'm trying a new traffic exchange services, BlogUpp!

BlogUpp! is like Entrecard or Spottt without the hassle and the rules that a user must follow. No sign-up needed, just visit and enter your blog url(Link) and get the code. Fast and simple.

BlogUpp! takes a snapshot of your page and reads your RSS feed. The thumbnail snapshot is accompanied by your blog's most recent article.

What makes BlogUpp! different?

* No registration and no account required
* No email and privacy exposure
* No ad submission and no efforts
* No animation and annoying ads
* Cheat-proof and fair sharing
* WordPress platform and alike friendly
* Targeted readers reach
* Best de facto exchange ratio (10:9)

Trying this new service is a great idea. Simple way to promote and boost some traffic to your site.

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