Wednesday, April 9, 2008



In creating this new site, I'm thinking a catchy title for this blog and suddenly I remember the popular phrase in Mario Puzo's The Godfather movie, when he walked up to Michael Corleone and said: “What are you going to walk up to him and BADA BING…Blow his brains out all over your nice ivy league suit.” and same as the popular Bada Bing joint in the hit TV series "Sopranos". I just added the letter S at the end because the BADABING word is already taken.

Launch Date: 9th April 2008
Author: Seiken Santiago

Badabings blogsite is NOT a strip site like the strip joint in the popular hit TV series.

This blog was created through inspiration to start sharing my interesting online discoveries, helpful stuff and informative idea that i encountered and now i want to share it with you.

News (Anything Interesting: Political, Technology, Net news, Money making, Entertainment and many more.... ), tech tips, reviews, announcement, free stuff and personal views are some things you will expect in this blog.

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