Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Entrecard's one step forward with Sezwho comment system

Entrecard introduces its new official partner to gave users more chance of success in their blogs, sites and forum.

Entrecard welcomes SezWho, a web comment system/application for your blog. This will build a more social interaction between bloggers/internet users. It is another way to not only increase traffic but also to get and encouraged quality comments on your blog. Aside from earning credits by dropping cards to different sites you can also be rewarded with credits by leaving a quality comments on other blog members.

Another great thing about the service is that it tracks all of your comments across the internet and you can rate the comments that are left by others.

I'm an Intense Debate comment system user and now I'm having a dilemma in deciding if i will shift to Sezwho system to avail this nice benefits........

It's a Tik..Tak...Tik..Tak for me, OK i will study Sezwho and try to install this new comment application.

Go to this URL to register for SezWho and notify Entrecard:

To boost the popularity of this partnership, SezWho and Entrecard has launched A SECRET ENORMOUS CONTEST.

Participant should gain points to be able to win lots of EC Credits. You will earn points by:
1. Installing SezWho on your blog (100 pts.)
2. Writing a blog post about the partnership (100 pts.)
3. Use a bonus title (50 points)
4. Tweeting on twitter about the partnership (50 pts.)
5. Commenting on someone else’s post about the partnership (50 pts.)

Prizes are:
1st place: 5000 Credits for participants to earn 350 points
2nd place: 2000 Credits for members who earns 300 points
3rd place: 1000 credits for those who earn 250 points
4th place: 500 Credits for 200 points earner

photo courtesy of Entrcard's blog

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