Sunday, August 31, 2008

Top TEN Entrecard droppers for (August 2008)

First of all thanks to all visitors and Entrecard droppers. This is my first time to give away some Entrecard credits to the loyal card droppers in this blog.

Here's the Top 10 card droppers:

Mind Relaxing Ideas
Gain, Make, Earn Money Online
Online Games
Slow Streamyx
The Daily Matters
Speed Route88
The Orange Derange Lab

I'm sending Entrecard credits to the TOP 10 as a sign of my gratitude. 250 Ecredits for Mind Relaxing Ideas; 150 Ecredits each (Gain, Make, Earn Money Online and Online Games); 100 Ecredits for Slow Streamyx; 50 Ecredits for (Kuerdas!, snapshotcap, The Daily Matters, Speed Route88); and 30 Ecredits for The Orange Derange Lab and Acakadut.

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