Friday, August 15, 2008

Join the BROOD Cyber Earth Caravan and Win 5,000EC

Our friend from has sent as message about their current environmental activities, The Cyber Earth Caravan. So Check it out!!!

WCYF 2009

World Creative Youth Forum (WCYF) is a partnership project among organizations in the Philippines and in other countries. It was an idea conceptualized by HRH Prince Frederick Saxe-Lauenberg. The project is headed by Brotherhood of Destiny, Inc. (BROOD) and will happen on May 2009. In support of this event BROOD had launched an Earth Caravan to talk about the environment and the upcoming WCYF 2009.

This time we are calling on bloggers and websites to join the EARTH CYBER CARAVAN and talk about the environment and about World Creative Youth Forum 2009. By doing so you will be entitled for an entry to win 5,000 Entrecard Credits and US$10.00 courtesy of Shen (this could increase as donors come in). The Cyber Earth Caravan 1st Leg will run from today, August 1, 2008 up to October 1, 2008.

We are also inviting members of the Entrecard Community and other bloggers to help by being a sponsor-donor of this contest just post a comment and we will be glad to accept your donation and support. THIS IS ALL FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.


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