Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Entrecard gives you EntreBar!

Entrecard recently launched its own browser toolbar that they nicknamed it as EntreBar!

Many will say it sounds like a energy health bar but it seems the purpose of this EntreBar is really the same as the energy bar (toolbar), to energize your dropping habits to another level.

It lets you hop from site to site by clicking a single button. It will let you browse your inbox and other Entrecard sites much more easily, buy ads on any site you want right from your browser and more....

For more info check the link below..
We have published a full walkthrough on the Blog here:

To download the EntreBar, visit this page:

To use the EntreBar, you must be using Firefox browser, which you can download here:

Because it is new (first release), surely users will encounter some bugs like the Login problems that many has encountered.

But what the heck it still a good add-on toolbar for your browser. So try it out.

By the way, it is only available for Firefox browser...

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