Friday, August 20, 2010

ASUS Reveals Two New Bags

Asus unveils two more bag products that they are sending out in the commercial market. Previously, Asus announced the first two bags in their ASUS Bag Collectors item which includes the Asus Collection Vector Carry Case, and the ASUS Collection Vector Backpack. Now, Asus have made available the Asus Duralite Laptop Bag and the Asus Streamline Messenger Bag.

Both of these two new bag products from Asus are worth looking into although for me I prefer the Messenger Bag. I like the compartments, the sleekness and the coolness of the design. I am sure that the messenger bag will appeal to the younger audience while the Duralite Laptop Bag is generally for those working in the office.

Check out the slideshow of these two latest bag products from Asus below.

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