Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Washable Keyboard : easy to clean

Have you tried cleaning your keyboard? Not easy right. Now, next time that you will purchase a new keyboard, try the Washable Keyboard.

You can clean it by washing it with water with no hassle or worries that your keyboard will be end up damage.

This water proof keyboard uses technology known as Seal Shield and the text keys are laser etched.

The makers also guaranteed that you can even use it even it’s wet; handy if you slop coffee over it during a work session or simply when your drunk while chatting.

This plug and play waterproof keyboard will cost you £39.95 ($66).

According to the product page, Seal Shield™ Protects Against:

* Water
* Solvents
* Salt Water
* Disinfectants
* Humidity
* Abrasives
* Dust
* Corrosives
* Dirt
* Sand
* Shock
* Alkaline
* Alcohol
* Bleach
* Acid
* Temperature Extremes

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