Saturday, July 18, 2009

Purity Ring App for iPhone

If you watched last year's MTV Music Awards, Russell Brand made fun mocking-bashing Jonas Brothers "purity rings" and Brand advised the trio that they should be taking advantage of their celebrity status to get laid.

It seems a UK software developer believes on the sanctity and devotion of saving themselves for marriage and it is a good idea to developed a digital reminder for this modern time, a "purity ring" application for Apple's iPhone.

For for £0.59 ($0.99), user can now pledge using the application and display a silver ring on their phone to prove their commitment to abstinence.

There's a built in pledge for both genders that contains a pre-recorded pledge that the user must confirm before being able to display their Ring on an infinite loop.

It will help spread awareness and served as a reminder to prevent the increasing number of pregnancies among teenage girls.

Anyone with a iPhone or iPod Touch can now take a Purity Pledge, Visit Purity Ring App.

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