Sunday, February 1, 2009

India's $10 Laptop (Rs 500) will be revealed on February 3

Many will ask, what kind of specs is in a $10 laptop (brand new)? The possibility of that super-low-cost laptop will happen in India.

The Indian government will unveil their $10 laptop project called "Rs 500" prototype on February 3, 2009 as a part of their National Mission on Education. The reported specs of the unit: 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi and expandable hardware, and operate on a modest two watts of power.

Currently, the price of the unit is double but the Indian government believes that it will change once it enters production: “At this stage, the price is working out to be $20 but with mass production it is bound to come down.”

India's $10 laptop is a direct response to the MIT-developed nonprofit One Laptop Per Child program, that was viewed as grossly expensive in India.

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