Monday, November 15, 2010

PlayStation Moves commercial for Latin America campaign (Video)

Checkout this new hilariously funny (little bit creepy) TV commercial for PlayStation in Latin America: Live in a State of Play advertising campaign.

Hola PlayStation Nation. It’s a huge treat to share with you today all the exciting news we have for PlayStation in Latin America. Today marks a momentous milestone as we launch our first official advertising campaign for the region and have the great privilege of unveiling the first two TV commercials with you, our most loyal fans. As some of you may know, we formally launched the PlayStation business in Latin America early last year and today we are officially operating in 19 countries across the region. We’re thrilled at the opportunity to extend the same access to the full breadth of PlayStation products and services to our consumers in Latin America as we’ve been doing in the US and Canada for many years. This means that when North American consumers are able to experience first-hand the array of immersive and revolutionary PlayStation Move games, Latin America consumers are also sharing in that experience on the same day. We’re also spending a lot of time focusing on bringing customized and localized experiences for our Latin American PlayStation Nation. Over the past few months we’ve released customized gamer kits that offer all-in-one solutions with huge savings for new gamers and families looking to upgrade their entertainment experience.
Today, we’re also unveiling continued efforts to bring tailored product offerings for this region with customized bundles this holiday that include a Konami Pro Evolution Soccer bundle for PS3, PS2 and PSP systems, in addition to a EA Sports FIFA 2011 bundle for PS3, PS2 and PSP systems, and a few others that will be announced in the coming months. Beyond the customized bundles, we’ll also be offering one of our best holiday line ups yet with Gran Turismo 5 for PS3 and the full range of brand new PlayStation Move games such as The Fight: Lights Out, The Shoot, EyePet and many more.
And with the help of our friends at Saatchi & Saatchi Latin America, we’re also looking to promote and foster a one to one dialogue with our consumers through a brand new advertising campaign to build awareness of PlayStation as a comprehensive and multimedia entertainment solution. To do this, we took a very unique approach to remind consumers of what it is to be truly entertained. The first commercial which hits TV networks across Latin America today features a baby as a depiction of the emotions that are often associated with the purest form of entertainment. It reminds us of a time when even the smallest actions, sights and sounds can provoke unhinged and constant entertainment. In the second TV commercial, which will air later this week, you’ll see similar treatments being used to promote the pure fun involved with the PlayStation Move experience.

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