Friday, July 2, 2010

Fujitsu’s Tamatebako self-destruct erasing drive

Are you always on the go and most of the time you misplaced your USB Memory Device or sometimes it was stolen from you? Some of you are surely worried especially if there are sensitive information inside that storage device like controversial photos and documents.

Fujitsu is solving that problem with a secured USB Memory Device called "Tamatebako". It offers 2GB capacity and supports AES 256-bit encryption. This ‘self-destruct’ drive is not like the device used in Mission Impossible which will meltdown or blow up. It will just simply deletes all the data stored in the "Tamatebako" within a given time frame (set time: 10 minutes to 7 days).

There's also a password authentication: If you enter an incorrect password, the data recorded will be deleted automatically.

No more worries about your important files being leaked out..

[via Fujitsu]

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