Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iOS 4 is now available; New features

Apple servers are surely under heavy load with the availability of iOS 4 software update for your our iPhone or iPod Touch.

Some users are experiencing slow downloads, server connections problems and iTunes error which means huge number of people are very eager to download it and experience the new features.

The latest iOS4 will deliver different features like Multi-tasking, which lets the users to switch and run between third party apps without requiring them to exit.

The new Folders feature enables the users to manage and organize his favorite apps in separate folders. You can "drag and drop" up to 180 apps into customized folders.

The new feature in the email helps you manages all messages from all the accounts in a unified inbox and it will also let you manage emails by thread and open attachment in third party apps.

Another feature is the iBooks apps which is also available in the iPad. In is an eBook reader plus it allow you to purchase and browse new books via the App Store. Capable of syncing with your iPad.

Photo and Camera improvements adds 5x digital zoom when taking a photo and tap to focus during video recording. Sync Faces from iPhoto plus geo-tagging.

Mobile advertising platform (iAd) which Apple will sell and host the ads, sharing 60% of revenue from the ad with the developer. Hmmm...

Some other mentionable features are playlists creation without looking into the iTunes, spell checking, MobileMe calendar sharing and Wireless keyboard support.

There are tons of other new features in iOS 4, so just be relax and wait for your download to finish.

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