Sunday, July 6, 2008

New features in Adobe Reader 9

New enhancements are featured in the no.1 PDF reading software, the recently released 9th version of Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader 9 can now read flash animations embedded within PDF documents aside to the new functionality, especially relating to collaboration, PDF file creation and security.

Included with Adobe Reader 9 is (beta), an exciting new set of online services from Adobe. With, you can create PDF files online; create and coauthor documents with others; host live web meetings; upload and share PDF files and other types of documents and control who has access to them.

Here are some of the features that come in Adobe Reader 9.
Improved launch speeds
PDF Portfolios
PDF Standards Pane
Security and Accessibility Enhancements
Improved CAD and geospatial functionality

DOWNLOAD: Adobe Reader 9

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