Saturday, June 7, 2008

Recovering a Corrupted Windows XP

Yesterday i experienced again the worst nightmare of every Microsoft Windows user, the Bluescreen Windows Error popularly known as the Blue Screen of Death.

The Blue Screen of Death is a critical system error that automatically shutdown the system whenever a window user installed a device drivers, a corrupt registry, faulty memory, an incompatible Dynamic-link library (DLL) and other incompatible source.

Most of the times the first action of a user in their corrupted Windows is reinstalling the operating system but sometimes the system can be recovered into its original state by performing a system checkup using your Windows XP installation disk.

The first thing a user must do is to get a Windows XP installation CD.

Follow this step...

1. Boot from your Windows XP installation CD
2. Press R to open the Windows XP Recovery Console
3. Type CHKDSK /R and press enter
4. Type BOOTCFG to fix any problems in your boot.ini file
5. Restart your computer again and press/hold the F8 key
6. Select “Last Known Good Configuration” and press enter

After this step your corrupted Windows will now be ok.

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