Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mozilla will be releasing a Firefox 3 RC2 before the Final Firefox 3

Mozilla will be releasing a second release candidate (RC2) for Firefox 3 before the final release of Firefox next month.

The upcoming Firefox 3 RC2 release will include fixes for about 40 bugs that includes the ten critical flaws that had been found in Firefox 3 RC1.

“As discussed at today’s Firefox 3.0 meeting, we’ve decided that there is sufficient need to produce a new Release Candidate before shipping,” said Mike Beltzner, Mozilla’s lead developer, in an email. “Due to the time required to complete some other external dependencies, we don’t expect that this will significantly impact our shipping date, and still estimate a mid-June release date.”

According to Macworld, Only three of approximately 40 identified bugs have not yet "landed," or completed Mozilla's review and approval process. About a fourth of the bugs Mozilla's planning to patch in RC2 are changes in localized versions of the browser.

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